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Submissions closed on 9th September 2017 8:00am (GMT+08:00)

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This is home, truly. As Singapore turns 52, we want to celebrate her birthday by going out in red and white; flying the flag up high; showing how proud we are, to be Singaporeans. However, on National day, we do not merely want to celebrate the birth of Singapore, we celebrate the hardships, the progress, the success each and every Singaporean has achieved thus far. So let us share one another’s experiences for this special day, be it attending the events at Istana, enjoy the light show in Sentosa, or simply watching the National Day Parade telecast at home, capture and tell us what makes you feel proud to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday on this very day. Winners are chosen by voting, so remember to share your submissions on all of your social media platforms and get your friends and families to vote for their favorite submissions!
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