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Submissions closed on 13th November 2017 7:59am (GMT+08:00)

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Beer, Food, Music. What more can you ask for? In line with this year’s Oktoberfest held in various parts of the world, let us celebrate mankind’s great creation of this divine liquid. As you indulge in german sausages of all kinds and giant platters of juicy meats along with the wide selection of beers to choose from, Don’t forget to capture these moments down (or atleast before you get too tipsy to remember to!). Because these moments spent grubbing and savouring these potions of happiness, we known as beer, would definitely be worth capturing down as you look back in retrospect. So what are you waiting for!? Be it drinking at the festival or just a night out with friends, in the spirit of oktoberfest, capture your favourite moments worth remembering and share your time there with us! Remember to share your submissions on social media (or at least after sobering up) because winners are chosen based on votes!
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