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The Codette Project aims to have a sustainable economic impact through providing minority women with awareness and access to the tech industry. We will focus on three aspects: to improve awareness of the possibilities available in tech, to encourage long-term interest in those exploring tech and to support those who are enthusiastic about the opportunities in tech.

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Submissions closed on 2nd December 2017 7:00am (GMT+08:00)

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At The Codette Project, we support minority women’s access to tech. Through our work, we have met many incredible women working in the industry or pursuing tech skills. Now we are hoping to create a diverse catalogue of photos featuring women in tech. Tech is more than just coding. It includes digital marketing, e-commerce, social media, app and game development, animation, and software engineering. Tech is huge and we want to see this captured in your photographs! We would like to see images of women, of all ages and backgrounds, engaging with tech. This could be anywhere - at home, at work or in school, and for any purpose. Do also share with us in the caption more details about the women photographed and how they are using tech in their lives. There will be 17 winning entries. The top three entries will be selected by public voting, and the remaining 14 winners will be chosen by The Codette Project. UPDATE: Congratulations to all winners! 1. Md Nahid Hossain A Women is Taking a Landscape of Autumn by Her Phone Most votes S$10 2. Md Nahid Hossain A Beautiful Girl Listening Music In the Nature. Most votes S$10 3. Nermeen Khorshid A Girl was using her mobile. Most votes S$10 4. Kang Zixin Selected by TCP S$5 5. Claudio Gomes Selected by TCP S$5 6. Asheesh Young woman coder Selected by TCP S$5 7. Asheesh Young woman working in bio technology labs Selected by TCP S$5 8. Lorilyn Francisco Girl in action Selected by TCP S$5 9. Monica Never too young Selected by TCP S$5 10. Lori Gibson Using tech to establish better marketing scheme Selected by TCP S$5 11. Junjira Konsang Women in tech Selected by TCP S$5 12. Atela glys baud Woman with camera Selected by TCP S$5 13. Eliah My flaws define my uniqueness Selected by TCP S$5 14. Lurie Bulicanu Selected by TCP S$5 15. Menna Ashraf students at faculty of pharmacy , Mansoura university , Egypt . Selected by TCP S$5 16. Nidushan Village lady using mobile phone in srilanka Selected by TCP S$5 17. Nadia Woman loving photography during her travel in south Canada. She likes to capture every single key moment. Selected by TCP S$5
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