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秘境大募集/My Secret Location

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Ended on 5th September 2017 8:00am (GMT+08:00)
活動時間:即日起 ~9/4(mon) Date: until Sep. 4, 2017 活動說明:照片大募集,暑假旅遊景點推薦,拍下推薦必去的景點及拍照方式吧 Details: Show us your must go place for summer vacation. Capture the secret location and share with us. The winners of this challenge will be determined by the highest number of votes. Share your entries on social media to get your friends to vote for you! 活動方式: 1.上傳照片至活動網頁,每帳號不限次數推薦景點 2.號召朋友投票 活動獎勵: 1. TOP1人氣獎:旅遊金$600 NT +印傻子客製化手帳本1份 2. TOP2~5:印傻子客製化手帳本1份 Rewards: 1. Highest vote: $20 USD cash reward + personalized notebook from Inkfool. 2. Top 5 votes: Personalized notebook from Inkfool. ----------------------------------------------------------- Visit Inkfool at shop.inkfool.com or inkfool.com
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