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Markedshot is a photo challenge and marketplace platform allowing businesses to crowdsource and license photos from thousands of photographers around the world.

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Submissions closed on 5th December 2016 8:00am (GMT+08:00)
Winter is coming! It's the winter holiday season. We know some parts of the world are freezing. For those that escaped the cold and headed to white sandy beaches, show us photos of the beautiful beach landscapes and clear blue waters that you could soak in all day. Don't forget to tell us more about your photo in the captions too! Some examples: -the beach & the sand -boats, seacraft or water sports -pathways of beach -water reflections -beach landscape with clouds and sky -rocks, seashells -silhouettes of people against the sun or sunset -marine life in tidal pools -the local flora or vegetation (coconut trees!) Keep your creative eyes open for anything interesting and go wide, and go closer and do some macro photography as well!
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