Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is Markedshot?

Markedshot is a photo marketplace and photo challenge platform where you can sell photos or participate in photo challenges to earn cash and rewards from businesses.

FAQ for Photographers

How can I start selling my photos?

You can register a free account here and upload your photos at our photographer dashboard or download our app on Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore and start selling your photos.

Can I sell photos that I don't own?

No! You must not submit photos that you do not own or have rights to sell such as images you find on the internet. Photographers will face legal consequences if they upload copyrighted photos for sale.

How much will I earn for every photo sale?

Photos are sold at $5.00 each of which 50% of the proceeds are paid to you. Once you accumulate $10.00, you will be able to withdraw your proceeds to your PayPal account via our app.

How long will a photo review take?

On average, photos are reviewed within 24 hours. There may be times when we are receiving high volumes of submissions and may take a little longer to approve photos.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, you need to have a PayPal account in order for us to be able to transfer your proceeds to you. We have plans to add other modes of payment in future.

Why was my photo rejected?

There can be many reasons why photos can be rejected. Most of the rejected photos do not comply with our quality guidelines which is the quality that our photo buyers are looking for.

You can still appeal to us if you think we made a mistake by forwarding the rejection email to

How do I verify my identity?

Photographers can get verified by uploading a Verification Video (Video with face visible while reciting a generated code) via our app.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

It is important for us to ensure the marketplace is trusted by our photo buyers and that we prevent fraudulent users from selling copyrighted photos that don't belong to them.

Verifying your identity will also build confidence among our photo buyers to purchase photos with peace of mind.

We may still request for model release forms if necessary for individual photos uploaded.