Contributor Guide

How to be a Markedshot Contributor?

We have assembled a guide to help you start selling photos easily on Markedshot.

How do I put my photos for sale?

Markedshot offers photographers the ability to upload their photos via our mobile app or our website.

Photo Dimensions

We require that all photos uploaded must be at least 1024x1024. Only upload the original images which is uncompressed or resized. Do not upsize the resolution as it will cause severe blurring.

Copyrighted Content

Do not submit photos that you do not own or have rights to sell. Particularly, do not copy images from websites that claim to offer free images. Despite such images may be used freely as a private wallpapers, they are well protected by copyrights.

Blurred Photos

Blur is one of the most common reasons for rejected images on Markedshot. There are situations where blur or bokeh is acceptable. We don't accept photos where the whole photo is blurry due to camera shake. If you shoot long exposures, ensure to place your camera or phone on a tripod. If you're capturing images with depth of field (bokeh), ensure the focus is correctly placed on the subject properly.

Grainy Photos

Grainy or noisy photos usually happens when capturing photos during low light. If you can, use a tripod and set your phone to use a lower ISO setting (if applicable). Otherwise, try to capture the photo in better lighting condition.


Do not submit photos with watermark or date stamps which becomes unusable for buyers. We will handle watermarking for you and help protect your images from being stolen. If possible, try to avoid having text written in photos as our customers are international and it becomes unusable can cause language problems to use the photos.


You can use the rules of thirds as a guideline to place your subjects in your photo. Also, ensure that photos are not crooked or tilted especially when capturing horizon.

Photo Series

Avoid uploading similar rapid shots of the same subject that do not have major differences. Pick the best ones and only upload those. We need more variety photos but not duplicate photos.


All great photos are welcomed on Markedshot. However, avoid shooting meaningless objects with no purpose or reason. Put yourself in the shoes of a photo buyer and imagine why they would purchase that photo. See our recently sold section in the app as well as available challenges to know what photo buyers are looking for. We would also appreciate more photos in these topics: emotions, actions, people, sports, business, office, social media and internet, science, technology, holiday and vacations, food.

Keyword Tagging

Your photo is only discoverable if you input the relevant keywords to it. Not putting any keywords is just as bad as spamming keywords that are not relevant to the photo. So, enter literal keywords of the subject in photo like “seaside”, “sand”, “water” and also conceptual keywords like “peace”, “nature”, “tranquility”. In short, better and accurate keywords lead to better matching. Better matching leads to higher visibility which translates to higher opportunity for sales.

Don't be discouraged

Your submission may fail to meet our quality requirement. Upon photo rejection, we will provide helpful tips to enable you to be a successful contributor. Should we reject your first submission, don’t be discouraged and attempt again!


Try to imagine yourself in the shoes of potential photo buyers and determine if your photo is usable in those context. It is very important that understand why photo buyers will want to use your photos for their marketing, projects and websites.